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Charlotte Paton The cottage The caravan (vardo) with foxgloves Fred Rolfe, 1927 (Picture: Bungay Museum) Steve Caple acting as the poacher in the DVD ‘The Land of Tradition’

A researcher and historian, Charlotte Paton is particularly interested in East Anglian rural history in the Victorian and Edwardian period. She writes regularly for a number of magazines and newspapers especially The Eastern Daily Press. She also undertakes research for people interested in finding out their own family history, or the history of the house in which they live. Charlotte gives talks allied to her interests, subjects include Frederick Rolfe, Victorian women and life in the workhouses.

Charlotte lives with her husband Brian in West Norfolk,and is restoring a gypsy caravan, learning the Romany language and researching the part gypsies played in agricultural life before mechanisation.

She grew up in Bungay, Suffolk, where she read “I Walked by Night”, a book she loved. Little did she realise that almost 50 years later she would discover that the author had at one time lived in a cottage where she too lived for many years. This led her onto research the life of the author Frederick Rolfe in a biography, The King of the Norfolk Poachers, published in 2009.

She is now an expert on the ways of the poacher, having studied them in depth to try to understand what drove Rolfe to pursue his criminal activities.

The Truth Behind ‘I Walked by Night’ DVD

The Truth behind ‘I Walked by Night’ is a 60 minute DVD with additional sections, filming the seven year search Charlotte undertook to find out about Frederick Rolfe, The King of the Norfolk Poachers. Courthouse scenes, his childhood haunts, the art of poaching, recollections from those who remember him, his last resting place, and lots more.

To watch the trailer and for further information including premiere dates and how to order please click here.

Projects and Articles

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  • Breach of Promise - Ancestors Magazine.
  • Robert Bugg Marathon Man 1908 - Eastern Daily Press.
  • Suicide amongst the rural poor - Ancestors Magazine.
  • Christmas Day in the Workhouse - Eastern Daily Press
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  • East Winch Right Royal Races - Eastern Daily Press.
  • Tom Batchelor, Page to the Backstairs to Queen Victoria who seems to have a royal secret - Family History Monthly.
  • Walter Dexter RBA - Eastern Daily Press
  • As part of Robert Fuller associates new DVD ‘THE LAND OF TRADITION’ Charlotte Paton, with Steve Caple acting as the poacher (pictured right), has contributed the section on the DVD covered the lot of the Victorian poacher. Copies of this DVD available from

New talk

A hugely wealthy American woman comes to Norfolk in the 1920s hoping to win the hearts and minds of her new neighbours. Charlotte’s talk about Zelia Hoffman takes us from the Astors and the Vanderbilts to the British Royal family and brings us to her final disappointment.